We have helped/help the following clients

Besides consulting assignments, we are currently working on time-series analysis and prediction of sales of every day consumer items. This package is going to have an interface to the Web. We also participate in a project with a goal to create a ECG analysis software package.

agroAgro Vision manufactures machines for automated image analysis of small sized particles, such as grains and pharmaceuticals. We have contributed with the development of drivers for propriety hardware and to port software from Interactive Unix to Linux, and from Unix to Windows NT. We also develop software for Agro Vision’s products.

lejonThe Department of Physics at Lund University, the Division for Atomic Spectroscopy; system maintenance of a SUN Sparc file server. Setup and configuration of a SUN Ultra file server, and installation and configuration of miscellaneous software such as GNU utilities, compilers, and astrophysical applications.
The Department of Physics at Lund University, Nationellt resurscentrum för fysik; system maintenance of PC networks (Microsoft) and training of future system administrators.

gebhardtGebhardt Fläktteknik Sverige; installation of Windows95 and network software.